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General Information

The Grey Wolf(aka the Timber Wolf)-is a grizzled grey but colour varies from white to black. The ears are erect and the tail is bushy and black tipped. The male is larger than the female and average weight is 55-130 pounds. They prefer to live in forests of British Columbia, and some parts of the US.

The Artic Wolf(aka The Tundra Wolf)-is a subspecies of the grey wolf that are slightly smaller, and live in the Canadian Arctic for up to 10-15 years in the wild and around 20 years in captivity.

The Mexican Gray Wolf-is the smallest of the five subspecies of Gray wolf in North America. Its coat is a combination of brown, gray, rust, and tan. Its tail, legs, and ears are often highlighted with black.

The Red Wolf- it's coat ranges from cinnamon red, gray to black. It is smaller than a coyote and weighs 40 to 80 pounds. Red Wolves live as far north as Pennsylvania and as west as central Texas.

The Maned Wolf-appears as a cross among different species: the head and coloring of a wolf, the large ears of an African hunting dog and the body of a hyena. Maned wolves are about 3 feet tall shoulder height and weigh 50 pounds. Its body is covered with golden-red fur, and has black legs and a black mane.

The Arabian Wolf-was once found throughout the Arabian Peninsula, but now only lives in small pockets in Israel,Oman, Yemen, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Arabian wolves are distinguished by shorter-than-normal fur and a grayish-beige color.